Fri, June 3, 3:30-5pm
Moore Terrace

Celebration Reception Division of Architecture + Design

After the Graduate Hooding Ceremony, the Division of Architecture and Design will host a celebratory reception for graduating students on Moore Terrace. Students, staff, faculty, family, and friends of Apparel Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture are invited to attend.
Sun, June 5
Design Center

Summer Storage 2022

If you are planning on leaving personal items in your locker over the summer, please attach a note indicating SUMMER STORAGE 2022 with your name and email address. Lockers not marked will be cleaned out after Monday, June 6.

Have a great summer!
Fri, May 27 9am – 5pm
Design Center

Senior DP Reviews + Installations

Please join us for DP Reviews!
Trailers, coffee, pastries in the Commons from 9am

Installations and reviews are open to those in the RISD community and by invitation of the student, please see this Google Sheet for schedule and rooms.
Tues, May 24 10am-4pm
Design Center

Sophomore Reviews 2022

Sophomores Reviews end the year with each student presenting work from their sophomore courses and gaining an overview of where they are in their progress through the RISD GD program. Sophomore Reviews also give the department an opportunity to see the curriculum and how it’s currently working.

Students receive feedback and encouragement from faculty, as well as on-the-spot advising for future areas of improvement. Think of this review as your final Design Studio project for the year—“how do you present 9 months of work in 20 minutes?” You get to design an experience for your faculty audience that reflects where you are now in your education, and what you’re making.

Read more about how to prepare

SCHEDULE<< Check here for times/locations
Wed, May 25 1-4:30pm
Design Center

Junior Reviews 2022

Junior Reviews are a great way to end the year, with each student displaying work and getting a chance to share their progress in the program. Junior Reviews also give the department an opportunity to see the curriculum and how it’s working.

Everyone gets a small area (wall and table space) in the Design Center to display their work, and you’ll be visited by faculty and other guests throughout the afternoon as they travel around the building. They’ll give feedback and encouragement, as well as on-the-spot advising for future areas of improvement. Think of this review as your final Design Studio—“how do you share your unique design voice and perspective?” You get to shape an experience for your faculty audience that reflects who you are as a designer, and what’s important to you.

Read more about how to prepare

Check here for times/locations
Posted May 6, 2022

Browse our Fall 2022 electives

Check out our lineup of RISD GD electives slated for this fall: 12 electives and 5 workshops. These are spread out throughout the week and will accommodate many different kinds of schedules, from sophomores to degree project to thesis.

See the list at
Fri, April 22, 1:10pm

Lecture: Ekene Ijeoma

Ekene Ijeoma is an artist, professor at MIT, and the founder and director of the Poetic Justice group at MIT Media Lab. Through both his studio and lab at MIT, Ijeoma researches social inequality across multiple fields including social science to develop artworks in sound, video, multimedia, sculpture and installation. Working from data studies and life experiences, and using both computational design and conceptual art strategies, he reframes social issues through artworks that embody and empower overlooked truths. His work has been presented by museums and galleries including the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Museum of the City of New York, Arts Club of Chicago, Neuberger Museum of Art, Annenberg Space for Photography, Design Museum London, and Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The lecture is open to current RISD students and faculty. Log in here to see Zoom URL.
Fri, April 29, 1:10pm

Lecture: Mindy Seu

Mindy Seu is a designer and researcher. She holds an M.Des with Distinction from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design with a focus in technology, and a B.A. in Design Media Arts from University of California, Los Angeles. As a fellow at the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Klein Center for the Internet & Society, she began the digital Cyberfeminism Index, which was later commissioned by Rhizome and presented at the New Museum. The printed publication Cyberfeminism Catalog is a 2021 recipient of the Graham Foundation Grant and will be published in Fall 2022. Seu has been a fellow at the Internet Archive, as well as a designer for 2×4’s Interactive Media team and the Museum of Modern Art’s in-house design studio. She has given lectures and workshops at Barbican Center, CalArts, Parsons, Pratt, RISD, Berkeley Art Museum, among others. Seu is currently an Assistant Professor at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts and Critic at Yale School of Art.

The lecture, titled “On Gathering in Five Chapters,” is open to current RISD students and faculty. Log in here to see Zoom URL.
Submit by May 9, 2022
Submit online

Gonda Fund for Social Justice

Re-established last semester, the Gonda Fund is an award that provides funding for student work centered on social justice issues. The award is named after Tomás Gonda, who left money to the department in 1991 when he passed away. This award has been mostly inactive until this past fall, when we were able to award funding to 11 students.

This semester, the fund is available to up to 15 GD students (grads and undergrads) who are working on projects with social justice themes within any current GD studio class (including DPs, MFA thesis projects, ISPs and CSPs).

Awards are in the $250–500 range, depending on the number of applicants. If more than 15 qualified applications are received, students will be prioritized according to time remaining in our program (i.e., seniors/thesis students will be funded first, and then juniors/pre-thesis, and then sophomores/first-year students).

You may apply for this semester’s funding immediately. To apply, please gather:

  1. 5–10 images of the work being submitted (can be work-in-progress, process, renderings, proposal, research, etc), from any Spring 2022 GD class
  2. a written project description (1–2 paragraphs, or more)
  3. a written statement about how/why the project falls under the umbrella of social justice, and why this is important to you (1–2 paragraphs, or more)

Submit here by May 9, 2022.

Projects will be reviewed by RISD GD faculty and funding will be awarded before the end of the semester
Wed, April 20, 5PM
GD Commons

Code Lab Lecture + Workshop: Ryan Kuo

During this workshop, Ryan will present some of the tools and techniques behind two recent projects that were completed on tight deadlines, Baby Faith
(a web-based chatbot) and Dumb Desire (a self-playing piece running on a game engine). Both projects are comprised of many fragments that were created and then interlinked to generate dynamic sequences.

The rest of the workshop will introduce Twine as an accessible means of designing and experimenting with hypertext sequences on the web. This exercise will be primarily conceptual and focused on writing, but Twine allows for HTMl/CSS customization (optional) if participants are already familiar.

Participants should have a topic, idea, proposal, or problem in mind that they wish to "diagram" or materialize into a nonlinear system. They do not need to know what they plan to say or do about it. This prompt is intentionally broad and is intended to get the process started. Examples might be: an upcoming goal, a thought that you can't get rid of, a vague feeling, a recent dream, a riddle, a pointed critique, or an argument with all the above. The output will be a navigable system that expresses, contains, and ideally extends the subject into unexpected forms.

Lecture at 5pm, Workshop at 6:30pm

Sign up at
Opens Friday, April 8, 6pm
Woods Gerry

Senior Show 2022

The Senior Show is open to the RISD community April 8-12 !!

Please come celebrate the class of 2022
Reception Friday evening, 6-7:30pm on the patio

Seniors have until April 5 to deliver work for the exhibit to the GD Commons
Woods-Gerry Gallery Hours:
F, Sa, M, 10am – 5pm : Su 2-5pm : T, 10am – 4pm
Thu, April 7, 2022, 6:30pm
GD Commons

Speaker Series: Upstatement

Upstatement is a digital product studio founded in 2008 that blends the skills of traditional storytelling with digital product development. 
Writing, art direction, and typography are as important as coding, prototyping, and shipping. Their cross-functional teams are like the best journalists: probing every angle and asking sharp questions of users and stakeholders. They work on projects that propel meaningful change; like ending gun violence, championing diversity, and greening the planet.

Lecture will be by Andy Pressman, formerly of Rumors and Verso. The lecture will be recorded and placed on the RISD GD Vimeo channel (no live stream).
Thu, April 14, 12pm
GD Commons

Amber Art & Design on equity in public space

This lunchtime gathering organized by the Illustration and Graphic Design Departments is intended to bring students and faculty interested in community centered public space projects. Amber Art & Design will show their work with an emphasis on their process of engaging community partners and residents.

Amber Art & Design is a Philadelphia-based artist collective that is dedicated to social engagement, historical research, and utilizing public art to connect and represent the voices of a community. The Amber team cultivates spaces for positive growth by facilitating dynamic interactions between artists, communities, schools, museums, institutions, and movements and more.
Wednesdays 5–7PM
DC 501

Code Lab Weekly Sessions

RISD Code Lab provides a space for inquiry into creative programming. This year, we are launching a new structure for Code Lab that features artist workshops as well as weekly sessions! These are open to all students.

Weekly sessions meet Wednesdays 5–7PM in Design Center 501 and will serve as extra office hours, where an instructor will be available to provide technical support for your projects. Marie Otsuka, Minkyoung Kim, and Adrian Tiu (GD BFA ’22) will be rotating sessions to help troubleshoot your code.

March 2, 9
April 13, 27
May 4, 11

Sign up at
Wed, April 6, 5:00PM
DC 501

Code Lab Workshop: Halim Lee

RISD Code Lab provides a space for inquiry into creative programming. This year, we are launching a new structure for Code Lab that features artist workshops as well as weekly sessions! It is open to all students.

Halim Lee (GD MFA '23) will have a special workshop to demo how to make the AR posters she created for Code Lab.

Artist workshops feature a visiting designer, who will be hosting a special session related to their practice. We’re excited to have the following artists lead workshops this semester: Aarati Akkapeddi on Wed, March 16, 5:30PM, and Ryan Kuo on Wed, April 20, 6:30PM.

Sign up at