Submissions Due Thurs, Oct. 21

GD Triennial: Call for Submissions

The RISD GD Triennial runs from Oct. 29 until Nov. 14 — submit work on the theme of “Portals” made in the Department in the last three years (alumni, yes! non-majors, yes!)

Submit your work here by October 21. Physical work needs to be in by Sunday, Oct 24.

On ‘Portals’
Portals are many things: passages, windows, entrances, exits, thresholds, transitions. As visual communicators, our practice is one of opening portals into new ways of disrupting, discovering, and educating. And as we travel through those portals—from a volatile now towards a hazy, but hopeful, future—we must embrace the uncertain, constantly iterative process of that transition.

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Contact an organizer with questions: Manny Sodhi, Iris Cho, Yimeng Yao, Annie Din, Ashley Yae, Minjun Choi, Varun Mehta or Christine Wang
Tue, Oct 26, 12pm

Lecture: Deem Journal (Alice Grandoit, Isabel Flower, Nu Goteh)

Deem is a biannual print journal and online platform focused on design as social practice. Our beliefs: Design is the process of adding value. Design is a fundamental shared experience. Design is everywhere. Our intentions: Explore human-centric design frameworks independent of exclusive institutions and industry categories. Ask what design can do for communities by creating conversations that are transdisciplinary and intergenerational. Seek to uncover meaningful narratives, connections, and patterns that might help us better understand our histories and imagine our futures.

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In the above panel discussion, hear students and instructors provide background and context to their projects from the spring elective, Newly Formed. The online discussion was held on July 18, 2021, in association with Is a Gallery's 2021 summer exhibition, ZZZZZZZZZZZ: Excavating Form Within Design Education RISD Graphic Design. See photographs of the exhibition on the gallery website.

See work from the MFA class of 2021 on the RISD Grad Show website

Seniors created video trailers to promote their semester-long Degree Projects. Degree Projects included an optional in-person exhibition and 30-minute Zoom presentation.

This past May, students in the first year of the three-year MFA program finished the semester by filling a room with printed work from their required and elective studios. Although most courses met remotely, physical artifacts were generated throughout the year.

See research projects from Anther Kiley’s spring elective, Critical Issues Studio

Sunho Lee (MFA 2023) created a film-title inspired sequence in response to a countdown assignment in Ron Pearl’s Motion Design elective. See more of Sunho’s work.

Refresh Memory by Amy Choi (BFA 2021) was created in this past spring’s Computational Poetics course, taught by Kathy Wu. See more projects in the course reader.

Revisit this past spring’s Code Lab featuring video and text demos

Presentation by RISD GD MFA alumni Tatiana Gómez and José Menéndez. How to aim to build strength, confidence, and trust in our communities through design by doing what you can with what you have? Part of the 2021 MFA Biennial.

Clara Balaguer joined us as part of the ‘remote’ 2021 Spring Speaker Series. See other lectures on our Vimeo channel.

Below: zzz by Everett Epstein (MFA 2021), from the spring 2021 course, Newly Formed