RISD GD supports the fringe, the nascent, and the highly evolved. We work hard to nurture an ecosystem that leads to new forms and ideas, and not one that simply reaffirms the status quo.

Public exhibitions

The college hosts between two and four student exhibitions per year in its public galleries. RISD GD has its own exhibit and event space, The GD Commons. Learn more at commons.risd.gd

RISD Grad Show 2019
May 23 – June 1, 2019
As Not For: Historical survey of work created by African-American graphic designers
April 11 – 25, 2019
Graduate Biennial
April 6 – 21, 2019
2019 Senior Show
March 7 – 12, 2019
2018 GD Triennial
Oct 4 – 14, 2018

RISD GD has 13 full-time faculty and 30 part-time faculty, and no shortage of visitors and guests. A list of everyone is on risd.edu. Full-timers teach six courses a year, advise students and contribute to department and college culture. Our current full-time faculty are: John Caserta, Kelsey Elder, James Goggin, Lucinda Hitchcock, Bethany Johns, Minkyoung Kim, Aki Nurosi, Hammett Nurosi, Anastasiia Raina, Nancy Skolos, Paul Soulellis, Ramon Tejada, Franz Werner.

In the classroom

RISD GD runs 110 courses a year that teach BFA and MFA candidates fundamentals and help generate new knowledge in design. See our Spring 2019 electives microsite for a look at one semester of electives.

Urgency Lab
Paul Soulellis
Design in the Posthuman Age
Anastasiia Raina
Newly Formed
Kathleen and Christopher Sleboda
Decolonizing Design
Ramon Tejada
X, Y, and Z
James Goggin
Graphic Design for the Web
Minkyoung Kim
Time, Sequence & Sound
Ronald Pearl
Sentiment Analysis
Rob Giampietro
The Web & Democracy
John Caserta
Design Studio
Our two-year core undergraduate studio

General information about the Department and the College (including how to apply) is at gd.risd.edu

Take a look

Student work appears on walls and screens, in public and behind closed doors. These are recent projects that were intentionally pushed into wider view. See an archive of our web projects

Introducing Mercury OS
Jason Yuan, BFA 2019
My Website is a Treehouse
Theia Flynn, BFA 2019
Thirty alphabets in a broadside publication
A 3-day workshop by Mindy Seu & Jon Gacnik
Test Pattern
Cem Eskinazi, MFA 2017
Nice to Meet You
Can Yang, BFA 2018
Designs for 4 unused public flagpoles
Instagram images to get out the vote

We are active on these platforms: Instagram, Vimeo, Github & Are.na

The website was designed and developed by Julian Kelly and Rohan Chaurasia in the spring of 2019 and is maintained by the RISD Design Guild. Faculty advisers are James Goggin and John Caserta. Current typeface is GT Walsheim, licensed from Grilli Type. We welcome submissions of fonts, images and news from students, faculty and alumni. Contact risd.gd@risd.edu