This past fall, MFA students in Graduate Studio 1 were asked to make a work in response to an object from Special Collections at the Providence Public Library. Ingrid Schmaedecke’s work, “Rights of Nature,” was a response to The American Woods by Romeyn Beck Hough.

Variable ‘L’ exploring resolution and pixel structure as ornamentation by Kartik Tuli, BFA 2021. Produced in Kelsey Elder’s fall 2020 elective exploring computation and type design.

Prof. Anastasiia Raina lectures at MICA, “From human-centered to bio-centered design”

Presentation by RISD GD MFA alumni Tatiana Gómez and José Menéndez. How to aim to build strength, confidence, and trust in our communities through design by doing what you can with what you have? Part of the 2021 MFA Biennial.

Posted Oct 30, 2020

Spring 2021 GD Electives

There’s a stellar line-up of hybrid and remote offerings for spring 2021. Browse through the selection and discuss options with your adviser.

See the list at

This past fall, juniors in Design Studio 3 were asked to create a video about an issue that matters to them. The above video is from Samaaya Jayamaha. See all the videos at this Vimeo showcase.

The Graduate Fall Position Presentation is a point of departure: an event—this fall, on Zoom—that demonstrated a theoretical position and visual progress in the first semester of the final year. See Kit Son Lee’s presentation on our Vimeo channel.

Animation by Vaishnavi Mahendran. See graduate work at the 2020 Grad Show

MFA theses

With the pandemic, 2020 master’s thesis projects were presented online via Zoom. Each student produced a book and an online repository for their work. A few appear below.

Mukul Chakravarthi
Strata: Lessons in Latency
Yoon Kim
Skew-Morphic Dream
Fabian Fohrer
Hilary duPont
A very large array
Vaishnavi Mahendran

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