Students from Graduate Studio 1 began the fall semester by responding to various prompts in attempt to answer the questions where/who am I? and where/who are we?. Each student then designed 16 pages, culminating into a single print-on-demand soft-cover book.

Graduate Studio 1 culminated in an open-ended assignment that drew its inspiration from an object from the Special Collections within the Providence Public Library

This site uses the display weight of the typeface Mo & Vio Serif, designed by Mankun Guo, BFA 2022

Registration begins Nov 15, 2021

Announcing our Spring 2022 electives

This spring, RISD GD offers an incredible line-up: 14 electives and 5 workshops! These are spread out throughout the week and will accommodate many different kinds of schedules, from sophomores to degree project to thesis.

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Registration begins on Monday, Nov. 15. Offered for the very first time are new electives like Shiraz Gallab’s “Gathering: Language, Form, and Process,” John Caserta’s “Design and Politics,” (a graduate-level course), and a UI/UX Design 4–week workshop taught by Ilhee Park (MFA 2022). If you have questions about these classes, reach out to your advisor, or directly to the instructor.

Design Studio 3, the required BFA fall junior-year studio, finished the semester with a video assignment. Each student was asked to make a video about an issue that was important to them. The video above is by Nate Krohn. See all videos in the Vimeo showcase.

Marigold, from MFA student Serena Ho, is a colored ornamental typeface inspired by the organic forms of the plant kingdom.

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