Fri Mar 8, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Jerome Harris

Jerome Harris is a graphic designer, educator, writer, and curator. He holds an MFA from Yale University. His exhibition As, Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes featuring work created by African-American graphic designers during the last century, is currently traveling to design schools throughout the US.

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Wed Mar 13, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Mindy Seu

Mindy Seu is a designer working in user experience and interactive design, with a studio practice heavily informed by cybercultural studies. She is currently a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet & Society (BKC) at Harvard and former fellow at the Internet Archive.

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Fri Mar 15, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Nicole Killian

Nicole Killian’s work uses graphic design, publishing, video, objects and installation to investigate how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms affect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity from a queer perspective.

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Wed Mar 20, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Kelsey Elder

Kelsey Elder is a designer and artist whose studio practice investigates the overlaps of car culture, signage, and strip mall landscapes as space making practices and perpetuators of contemporary conditions in American graphic design.

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Fri Mar 22, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Ramon Tejada

Ramon Tejada is an independent Dominican/American designer and teacher based in Providence. He works in a hybrid design/teaching practice that focuses on collaborative design practices working with not-for-profit and educational organizations.

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Fri Apr 5, 5:30pm
DC 103

Faculty Search Lecture: Anastasiia Raina

Anastasiia Raina is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and designer based in Providence. Her practice is driven by incorporating the revolutionary fields of biotechnology and genetics into the design vernacular. She graduated with an MFA in graphic design from Yale University.

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Wed Feb 27, 3pm
DC 103

Typesetting review with Anther Kiley

Anther Kiley will give a short visual review of typesetting nuts and bolts, addressed to his Graduate Type 2 class, but open to anyone interested. The presentation will survey rules, conventions and opinions aggregated from various articles of typographic gospel including Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style and Lucy Hitchcock’s “Finer Points of Typography” lecture, as well as from Anther’s own experience and prior teaching.

Talk will start on time… don’t be late!
Thu Feb 28, 6:30pm
CIT 103

Visiting Designer Lecture: Richard The

Richard The is a designer, artist and educator. His work, ranging from graphic design to installations to user interfaces, investigates the aesthetic and cultural implications of an increasingly technology-driven society. After having studied at University of the Arts Berlin and the MIT Media Lab he has worked at Sagmeister Inc., led a design group at the Google Creative Lab and is co-founder of the transdisciplinary design studio TheGreenEyl. He is an Assistant Professor of Art Media and Technology at Parsons School of Design.

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Thu Feb 14, 6:30pm
GD Commons

Rebecca Ross on Research, Urbanism & Seriality

Rebecca Ross will speak on Central St. Martin’s MA philosophy, curriculum, and engagement with external organizations. She will share her projects Urban Pamphleteer and London is Changing that both engaged community participation and resulted in scholarly and graphic production via print, web, and environment. Ross will reflect on the significance and outcomes of these projects, and of the CSM MA program, as valuable models of an academic practice with graphic design research at its core.
Posted April 1, 2019

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