Wed, Sept 14, 4:30pm
GD Commons

Surface Read: Antwerp

In this talk, faculty member Anther Kiley will present work produced during a two month stay in Belgium last spring. Surface Read: Antwerp is a series of high resolution composite photographs of building facades from around the city of Antwerp, manipulated to remove perspective and surrounding context. Flattened and isolated, the facades appear as visual artifacts whose forms and textures can be read, revealing clues about the values that produced them and the histories that shaped them. The work (and talk) explore the complex nature of facades as political and aesthetic forms, existing uncomfortably between 2 and 3 dimensions, between aesthetic ideals and messy realities, and between the desire to make beautiful and the impulse to mark boundaries, obscure, and exclude.

Work on view in the GD Commons through Sept 23. Talk on Wednesday Sept 14 at 4:30pm