By March 29, 2021
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Submit to Unbound!

It’s time for RISD’s art book fair, Unbound! It's RISD's own art book fair that usually happens at the Fleet Library in April. We are so excited that this year the event will still be happening (virtually) via the Unbound website. This website will be used to promote exhibitors’ work, links to social media, websites, sale pages, etc...

Participating in RISD GD’s table at Unbound is totally optional. Select works that you would have wanted to display physically at our table (zines, books, stickers, t-shirts, etc). Your items can be free or for sale, but you need to have your own e-commerce set-up or instagram account where people can DM you, etc — Unbound will simply provide a link to it.

If you would like to participate (anyone in the community can participate: students, faculty, staff), read on!

Please limit your selection to three items.
Here are the instructions to upload your works:
→ Create a folder with your name in the the RISD GD folder on RISD GD folder in the Unbound Google Drive
→ In your folder, put images of your work(s) and a text doc
→ In your text doc include: a) Exhibitor name: RISD GD b) Your name c) Caption/title(s) of work d) For sale? yes or no e) If for sale: URL to e-com, website, social media, etc (optional)