Wed, April 20, 5PM
GD Commons

Code Lab Lecture + Workshop: Ryan Kuo

During this workshop, Ryan will present some of the tools and techniques behind two recent projects that were completed on tight deadlines, Baby Faith
(a web-based chatbot) and Dumb Desire (a self-playing piece running on a game engine). Both projects are comprised of many fragments that were created and then interlinked to generate dynamic sequences.

The rest of the workshop will introduce Twine as an accessible means of designing and experimenting with hypertext sequences on the web. This exercise will be primarily conceptual and focused on writing, but Twine allows for HTMl/CSS customization (optional) if participants are already familiar.

Participants should have a topic, idea, proposal, or problem in mind that they wish to "diagram" or materialize into a nonlinear system. They do not need to know what they plan to say or do about it. This prompt is intentionally broad and is intended to get the process started. Examples might be: an upcoming goal, a thought that you can't get rid of, a vague feeling, a recent dream, a riddle, a pointed critique, or an argument with all the above. The output will be a navigable system that expresses, contains, and ideally extends the subject into unexpected forms.

Lecture at 5pm, Workshop at 6:30pm

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