Tuesdays 10–11am, April 6 –

Code Lab 2021

This semester Code Lab will meet on Tuesdays, 10:00 – 11:00 am (EST) on Zoom. The lab will be about 60 minutes and will meet 5 times over the course of the semester. Each meeting will consist of demos that cover key concepts of web programming, and open Q&A, where we’ll walk around and support you as you solve the problem.

See session curriculum at github.com/RISD-Code-Lab/spring2021

Code Lab is for students and faculty: check your email for Zoom link or contact Minkyoung Kim

  • Code Lab is being organized by Nic Schumann, Marie Otsuka, and Minkyoung Kim in conjunction with the GD department, starting in 2020 spring.
  • Code Lab will provide key computation basics and relevant skill training for people interested in the practice of programming. We will span file organization through computational abstractions and design patterns. This semester we will work in web programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JSON.
  • Code Lab will be open to all GD students who need some assistance in basic computational training.
  • Code Lab is not for credit, there will be no assignments.
  • Code Lab won’t require any commitment other than showing up. It’s about providing support for students enrolled in rigorous computational courses. Students do not have to attend all the sessions.
  • Code Lab topics will be announced in advance of the session.