Submissions due Thurs, Oct. 21

GD Triennial: Call for Submissions

The RISD GD Triennial runs from Oct. 29 until Nov. 14 — submit work on the theme of “Portals” made in the Department in the last three years (alumni, yes! non-majors, yes!)

Submit your work here by October 21. Physical work needs to be in by Sunday, Oct 24.

On ‘Portals’
Portals are many things: passages, windows, entrances, exits, thresholds, transitions. As visual communicators, our practice is one of opening portals into new ways of disrupting, discovering, and educating. And as we travel through those portals—from a volatile now towards a hazy, but hopeful, future—we must embrace the uncertain, constantly iterative process of that transition.

More info
Contact an organizer with questions: Manny Sodhi, Iris Cho, Yimeng Yao, Annie Din, Ashley Yae, Minjun Choi, Varun Mehta or Christine Wang